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11th - 14th April
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City Safari - Amsterdam
Our Safari will be looking mainly at the 19th and 20th century development of the city though a number of earlier sites will be included. The city promoted planned development in the early 20th century and we will be looking at some of the housing schemes built at that time. We will also be exploring the development of the port and the transport links connected to that.

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13th - 19th May
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AIA Spring Tour - Flanders
We long ago had an invitation from the VVIA (the Flemish Industrial Archaeology Society) to visit Flanders so we have organised that for May 2024 with their help. They have contacts at many sites and will send a board member with us.

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4th - 7th July
Now fully booked
AIA Summer Tour - The North East
In designing the tour we decided, this time, to look at the North-East and started out choosing sites which have been the recipients of AIA Restoration Grants in the past but we weren’t able to fill up the programme with those so we’ve have added some others to the mix to make what we hope will be an attractive event.

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19th - 22nd September
Now open for booking
City Safari - Manchester
Once known as Cottonopolis and still having many examples of surviving industrial, civic, retail and domestic buildings, canals, trams and more this will make a great City Safari

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