The Lives of the Engineers
Unique, small-group, expert led tours

I inherited the famous three volume work The Lives of the Engineers  written by Samuel Smiles (left) and first published in the 1860s from  my maternal grandfather (himself an engineer). The books have inspired me over the years to learn more about these men (and they are all men in the books) and now inspire us to plan a series of tours which explore the lives and works of the great engineers who contributed so much to our lives from the 18th Century onwards.

Names like Brunel, Stephenson, Telford and Watt are well known to many but, apart from a few examples, their works and place in the history of engineering are less well known.

But there are also more, less well known, who equally deserve to be celebrated.

This series of tours is intended to tell all their stories and bring them to a wider audience.
The first in the series is scheduled for 2022:

Telford in England & Wales

June 6th - 10th 2022

Now fully booked

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