Mainz & Wiesbaden 2012
Just a few pictures of the buildings we saw on the City Safari to Mainz & Wiesbaden.
Researched and led by Sue Constable.
Images by Barry LeJeune.
Beer Safariists enjoying a metre of beer!
A Medieval doorway in the Altstadt Beer
The former Brauerei Schofferhof (1889), Mainz
The Drusustein of Roman origin, which served as a watchtower until the 16th century
The original entrance to the Mainz tram depot (complete with company name) now graces the new depot
Printing equipment in the Gutenburg Museum, Mainz
In front of the cathedral, Mainz
Looking out over the Rhine
The Nerobergbahn (1888), Wiesbaden
The funicular railway uses water to balance the weight of the two cars. Here the conductor opens the control valve at the top station
The party inspect (and taste) the hot springs for which Weisbaden is famous
Inside the Kurhaus (spa building)