Halifax & Huddersfield September 2011
Researched and led by Sue Hayton
Just a few pictures of some of the things we saw on the City Safari to Yorkshire.
The Piece Hall
The Hall is, in fact, an open courtyard surrounded by arcaded walls. It was built in 1779 to replace a 16th century structure to the plans of Mr. Hope. The courtyard covers an area of 110 by 91 yards and the site falls some 17’ from west to east. This can be seen as the top side has two storeys while the lower has three. Pieces of cloth were sold here each week to textile merchants. A ‘piece’ some 27” wide by 24 yards represented what could be woven in a week by a part time weaver/farmer in the days before mechanisation of weaving.
Halifax Permanent Benefit Building Society
This imposing building was constructed in 1873 to the designs of Samuel Jackson of Bradford. It served as their head offices until 1921. The name of the company can be seen carved above the corner entrance to the building.
Halifax Town Hall
There were various proposals in the mid 19th century to build a new town hall after the town had become a borough in 1853. Charles Barry was asked to review the competition designs but disliked the entries and entered his own design which was accepted. John Crossley provided the plot and it is not surprising that many of the surrounding buildings are completed in a similar style. The grand opening took place in 1863 when 358 trains brought 70,000 people to two days of events after the Prince of Wales had declared the building open.
Terrace of back-to-back housing (with later modifications)

More pics to follow
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