West Midlands March 2010
Just a few pictures of some of the buildings we saw on the City Safari in the Black Country.
Researched and led by Sue Hayton
Queens Building, Wolverhampton, designed by Edward Banks in the Italianate style (1849)

The site of England's first automatic traffic lights (1927) in Princes Square

  Former Post Office, Lichfield Street (1895)
Detail on Royal London Insurance Building, Lichfield Street (1902)  
Art Gallery, by J.A.Chatwin of Birmingham (1883-5)
Lloyds building, Chatwin again (1878)
Chubb Lock Works, C. H. M. Mileham of London (1898-9) Chubb Lock Works Wolverhampton 
Low level station Wolverhampton  The low level station GWR, on ther route from London to Birkenhead via Birmingham. The most northerly broad gauge station on the network
Cheese & Butter warehouse on the BCN main line Cheese & Butter warehouse Wolverhampton 
Chillington Wharf Wolverhampton  Chillington Wharf, built by the Chillington Iron company linking their foundry via tramway to the canal. After 1885 bought by the LNWR which allowed transfer of goods between canal and rail.
S J Dixon & Son, Cleveland Road, by a local firm of builders, Bradney Co (1885) S J Dixon & Son Wolverhampton 
Baker's Boot factory Wolverhampton  James Baker's Boot Factory, Cleveland Road (1898)
33 Market Place, Willenhall a former maltster's house Dale House Willenhall
Union Works Willienahll  Josiah Parkes & Sons Ltd, Lock and Key manufacturers, Union Works, Willenhall (1933)
Lockmakers' workshops Willenhall Lockmakers' workshops Willenhall 
Brooke's Saddle Works Brook's Saddle Works, Leicester Street, Walsall (1890-91)
Taylor's Music Shop Frieze 
(Above) Biblical frieze from Taylor's Music shop, Walsall
Ravenscraig Works, Walsall

BOAK is the Scottish family which originally owned the building 
Ravenscraig Works, Walsall
Former cycle shop on Bilston   (The former) Harthills Cycle shop, Bilston
Bilston Technical School  Bilston Technical School 
Kenrick & Jefferson Offices, West Bromwich  Kenrick & Jefferson Offices, West Bromwich 
Frieze on the Ryland Memorial School, West Bromwich  Frieze, Ryland Memorial School, West Bromwich